About Us


We’re passionate about protecting the environmental or our health with innovated products and solutions for the construction, waste recycling and mining industry. Dustquip manufacturer a good range of equipment and liquid additives for the control of dust and dirt.

We believe that healthy fresh air and a clean worksite pays back. We’re at your side when you’re ready to invest in this most critical area.

The environment and our health is a gift, and we need to protect them for the future generation.

Neal Davies

Neal Davies

Managing Director

With over 20 years’ experience in equipment development and manufacturing enables Dustquip to manage the products and oversee the business process.

Neal Davies

Billy Jones

Sales Director

Experienced in sales and management, Billy ensures customer satisfaction.

Neal Davies

Alex Lyon

Marketing & Product Manager

Alex is our engineer and designer with vast technical experience.

Neal Davies

Euan Davies

Sales Manager

Euan comes with 8 years of industrial sales experience and will ensure great customer satisfaction.

Neal Davies

Cedric Mitchell

Operations Manager

With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Cedric is responsible for all operations, making sure our products reach you on time and as you expect.


Lucas Davies

Business Development

Keen and enthusiastic about Dustquip products and services. Lucas will make sure you’ll know about what we can do for you.

Hamish Abraham

Hamish Abraham

Managing Director Australia

Experienced in safety and pollution protection. You will see Hamish for dust with our products and services.

Carl Holt

Carl Holt

Managing Director United States of America

Carl comes with logistic and distribution experience, located centre of USA.