Composting facility

An operator of a composting facility approached Dustquip.

They were having repeated issues with odour release which was causing issues for the residents. The odour issues were particularly an issue when turning the material and when material loading and unloading was carried out.

Operator of a composting facility

A particular constraint for other systems available was the constant changing of the stockpiles. A solution was required which was portable and effective.

Our MMST pump station with its inbuilt chemical dosing pump and our flexible mist lines was a perfect fit for the application.

The pump station could be located near to the current stockpile, plugged into the power and water supply. The hose lines were then set up and attached to stakes driven into the stockpile. This was all carried out with just one operative. Saving valuable resources on site and allowing for a very fast set up and pack down when required.

Coupled with our DON range of odour neutralizer chemicals the customer noticed an almost immediate reduction in odour emissions from their operations.

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