Large Aggregates and Asphalt supplier

The problem:

Our customer had 2 issues on their site:

  • Release of large amounts of stone dust while performing plant cleaning
  • Complaints from residents concerning the odour created during the production of Asphalt
Large Aggregates and Asphalt supplier

Our dust suppression experts quickly identified the issues and specified a system to resolve the issues.

A multi zone system was specified as being the most compact and versatile machine for the application.

2 low flow rate pumps for the asphalt load out area with odour injection feeding our “Fog” lines ideally suited to odour applications.

An additional pump zone supplied a “Mist” line around the aggregate load out hopper, conveyors and openings to trap the aggregate dust produced during the routine plant cleaning function.

Thanks to the versatality of the MultiMister MC, the customer was able to integrate the controls of the dust suppression machine directly into their plant controls allowing for automated control

Dustquip supplied the machine and the hose lines ready to install by the customers own fitters.

Our experts also identified the correct specification odour abatement chemical and worked closely with the customer to ensure the odour chemical was working to its maximum effectiveness.

MultiMister Pump Station

Products Used

  • MultiMister MC MultiZone system
  • Odour abatement dosing system
  • Dustquip Fog Lines
  • Dustquip Mist Lines
  • Odour suppression chemical

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