Skip hire & waste transfer site

The customer had issues with large amounts of dust being generated on site by the sorting lines and vehicle movements.

An existing system on site had been unsuccessful in combatting the issue with dust control.

Skip hire & waste transfer site

Dustquip attended the site and evaluated the issue and identified the main sources of dust.

These main areas were as follows:

  • Dust generated by the sorting line
  • Dust generated in the material drop & sorting line feed area
  • Dust generated by vehicle movements through the weighbridge

A challenge that required to be overcome was ensuring adequate dust suppression was provided along the sorting line without getting the trommel fines too wet – a combination of our “Mist” lines and “Fog” lines installed strategically ensured a good balance between dust suppression without getting the material too wet and rendering it useless.

A multizone system was specified and installed by the client.

One MultiMister MC provided dust suppression via our high-pressure nozzles to create a curtain of water mist to prevent the emission of dust from the buildings & sorting line.

An additional line was provided to ensure any dust generated by vehicle movements was suppressed. Additional mist was intentionally generated to ensure the ground was kept damp to prevent the re-suspension of ground-based dust.

The client commented after the system had been commissioned:

“Our dust issues have been significantly reduced – more importantly we are meeting our environmental responsibilities”

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